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lookin' for a life here or y'ere

I introduce to y'all a new pronoun, the second person locationator. "y'ere". it's like "there" but refers to the location of the person being talked to.

spread the word.

In other news, I'm really zonked after today.

Really, the trouble with today started yesterday, when we were told we have a 5% paycut coming down the line sometime. I was sitting there hoping for a raise based on my kickass work on my latest projects, and instead, bam. So, that sucked the life out of me yesterday.

The day was saved when after work I contacted my friend Shannon to see if she and her daughter were doing anything hangouty, and it turned out they were going to the park with friends... So I got a nice walk and watching little kids playing in a modern playground. Those big plastic things are actually pretty nice; I had heard they were all safe and boring, but there were some ways kids could still really hurt themselves on this one. Which is kinda the way it should be, from a certain point of view, the kids' fun point of view, I think.

I thought about working on my resume after that but instead watched tv and played some DAoC. Helped people do some stuff, but was almost totally unproductive, especially from a real life point of view. Went and looked at some sites for jobs, and found some interesting things in Boston. Worried that maybe I should be really careful about moving back to Boston; I don't know if it's really good for me socially.

Started thinking about the programming puzzle on one of the company sites, to see how I felt... and realized that with a little effort I really could do it, pretty easily. I got my groove back!

Then today was a tough day; got up too early, drove my car to the dealer, and took the dealer's shuttle to work... There was another guy on the shuttle who got off at a place near work... As he left I asked him half-jokingly if they were hiring, and he said they were. A little while later, looking at their site I saw a job I'd really like to apply for, Senior Software Engineer.

That wasn't the tough part, that was kinda a cool part. The tough part was when the dealer called me and said there was a bunch of work that needed to be done on my car. Tie Rod Ends, Cam Adjustment Seals, Oil Cooling Lines... $1200 worth of work when it started out as a 50k inspection and tire rotation. I took a deep breath and said "go ahead," and then a friend told me to try asking a third-party for a price quote. Duh.

Oh well, too late, anyway. It turns out I could have saved $200 or $300 going elsewhere, or so they claim. This makes me feel crappy and wasteful. I hate feeling wasteful.

So now I'm here looking at my resume. And just feeling tired to my bones. And I want a real job, with a future. Not a job where coworkers of mine are making less than they did five years ago.

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