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Ah, back to the "doing stuff and talking about it" method of LJ. Much better.

Yesterday was a good day. Up early for breakfast with friends, decent, if sleepy, day at work, including figuring some things out. Then, I got convinced to show up to Tech Squares for an evening of beginning square dancing. The beginning of the class has swung around again, and this time I'm going to go through it. It was so good to get some exercise, and to see people I haven't seen in a while.

Then I came home and, despite already being a bit tired, I watched Wednesday's Enterprise. "Sleeping Dogs" was the name of the episode, and it was another encounter with Klingons. Again, they did this really well. I've been very, very impressed with this new Star Trek show. It has a purity of spirit that no other Star Trek ever has... Scott Bakula is consistently excellent, and the supporting cast is quite good. The writing is solid, and ... it's just a wonderful experience to sit down and watch one of these episodes.

I then slept better last night than I had in a while, because of the exercise. Woke up this morning a bit late, but for once I got moving quickly. I had more energy than usual, no computers were on in my room, I don't know what it was but somehow I just woke up, got in the shower, and got moving out the door like that *snap*. I need to learn to do that consistently, every day, whether I wake up at 10:45 or 9:00.

Now the work day is over, and I'm sitting at a table surrounded by friends, playing some Star Wars role-playing, our first run. The planet just got blockaded by an Imperial Destroyer right after our ship jumped insystem, and we're trying to figure things out...

Back to the game, break's over.

Mental Note: Must stop snacking!

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