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parliamentary questions

How does one say "Can we suspend the rules of the convention to give the candidate a chance to respond to attacks made at the last minute before the vote?"

How does one say "That candidate didn't screen before the nominating committee, is she eligible for the position?" When?

'cause looking back on Saturday's meeting, those are the two things I wish I had said at the right times. That and maybe "Sorry, work will have to wait another couple hours. I agreed to be available late Friday night, not Saturday afternoon."


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Mar. 29th, 2004 10:17 am (UTC)
points of order
The second of those is a point of order and can be said just as you describe, preceded by the words "Point of Order" and recognition from the chair, at any time. Though before the vote is preferable.

The first contains a literal question which could theoretically also be posed as a point of order, but it would have to be rephrased so as not to be leading and I think you'd have been better off making it as a motion in the course of ordinary debate. You could also have objected to consideration to a motion to call the question, if there was one.
Mar. 29th, 2004 10:52 am (UTC)
Re: points of order
First, nice pic.

As for the "course of ordinary debate", the rules of the convention were Robert's Rules of Order, modified by "discussion should be limited to three speakers on either side of each issue, allotted two minutes each to speak." There's not really room for motions in that, and the way the convention chair ran it was a little awkward.

So it went straight from "[person X did foo.]" (small amount of boos, outraged look on X's face) to "We will now pass out the ballots." No motion to call the question necessary, as the speaker was the third speaker for person Y.

I feel like Y (my friend) would have won, even without the speaker's emotional outburst, but that attack tainted the victory :-/ I came away from it thinking "Oh no, we just lost a buncha votes" but the other side is adamant that it pushed "us" over the top.

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