just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

name meme?

Hmm. Firefly fictathlon, or something. I could sign up and have my first real creative writing project be something lots of people could see, but I think the first few things you write are supposed to be, y'know, private or something. I fully expect the first thing I write to suck, when I get around to it, anyway. If. If I get around to it.

DAoC has been sucking up my time something fierce lately. Tonight's an event that's been planned for a while that I gotta go to, but after tonight I have got to cut way back on this. I think the new laptop is enabling my DAoC habit something fierce.

I'm not sure who calls me Chris and who calls me shabby these days. Really, not sure I care. It all works, really. I'm glad to have gotten Chris back into the mix.

If you call me Kui Zhi with a Taiwanese accent, you're my grandparents on my mom's side.
If you call me yon Shabby-san, you're Scott, my friend from high school (whose quick description needs a bit of an update, since he's now my friend from Minneapolis, too. or something).
If you call me Mr. Shabsin, you're Bob, my friend from the Dean crowd, putting a little oomph into the greeting.

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