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that old-time religion

I did some looking around at some sites, and have come to a conclusion. So far, the closest organized group of princples to my own that I've found belong to Secular Humanism. It preaches relying on reason, questioning "untested claims of knowledge," and transcending "divisive parochial loyalties based on race, religion, gender, nationality, creed, class, sexual orientation, or ethnicity." It's not perfect, but what is? They make this assertion that Secular Humanism isn't a religion, but the way I see it, any set of beliefs has some faith at the basis of it.

Even modern science is based on faith. The scientific method is a set of axioms - you start with hypothesis, do some things to prove it, and build up on "proven" theories until you have a model of how the universe works. But science is, to some extent, faith in the complete consistency of the universe; experiments are repeatable, the unexplainable doesn't happen, and there's no such thing as magic.

To some extent, I still look at organized religion as the way the people in charge promoted a moral code among the masses before there was government. I'd like to believe that people have the capacity to be good without the influence of a long-term supernatural reward/punishment system, personally. Everyone has the capacity for the empathy needed to understand that their actions ripple outward from themselves. Maybe I'm naive.

*sigh* I should start worrying about my memory management stuff now though.

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