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karaoke tonight

Wow, what a crowd. We had some Deaniacs from Minneapolis down on their way to Madison tomorrow, and they were lots of fun, and the rest of the crowd was just more active than usual, it seemed. It was nice to have a slow start before lots of people were there; because of that I got to sing a bunch. List of songs:

"The Longest Time," Billy Joel
"Bitch," Meredith Brooks [this got lots of laughs and applause ;-) ]
"Mysterious Ways," U2 - got cut off at the beginning by CD malfunction
"Short Skirt, Long Jacket," Cake - this may be my new favorite song for karaoke
"What a Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong - at the end I got brave and tried to do The Voice
"Under the Bridge," Red Hot Chili Peppers

And then I ran outta time, had to run home, so I didn't get to put in "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"... No biggie. I've decided I need to look for some CD-Gs of my own on the net:

"Mysterious Ways," U2 - I think tonight was the second time I attempted this song as was thwarted by a scratched CD-G
anything Barenaked Ladies, off of Gordon or Maybe You Should Drive
anything Moxy Früvous (yeah, right)
"New York State of Mind," Billy Joel
anything Police or Sting, except "Desert Rose," which they have
"Jesus He Knows Me" or "Invisible Touch," Genesis
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," William Shatner (I may have to improvise this one)

Extra bonus - I came home tonight to the IM: "no amendment gonna happen this month"... I'm following the MA Constitutional Amendment push back against the SJC's ruling in favor of gay marriage, and it's really good to hear that my old home state is still a sane place with respect for human rights.

Oh yeah, I get to get up early tomorrow to grocery shop before driving up to Minneapolis for ski weekend. And I smell like smoke now.


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Feb. 13th, 2004 10:31 am (UTC)
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," William Shatner (I may have to improvise this one)

LOL No offense, but that's a song that should be FORGOTTEN. But have you ever heard "In Love"? A spoken word song he did on the Fear of Pop (spearheaded by Ben Folds) album a few years back. Now that would be a fun karaoke song.
Feb. 14th, 2004 07:30 am (UTC)
Massachusets State Sanity
That race is still Too Close To Call.

Personally, I'm wondering if the `secret plan' isn't ``somehow wait until very near November''. :-(
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