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West Wing Annoyance

Well, this episode went from promising to ...

craptacular. What a lazy way to make the Bartlet administration be all noble and stuff, "we'll have to give up the credit." What happened to that WSJ reporter who wouldn't give up his story? Here's what happened from his point of view. 1. Toby meets with Republican Senator. 2. Bartlet lets the hounds loose on Republican Senator. 3. Republican Senator tells WSJ Toby is asking for Social Security Reform. 4. Toby is meeting with Democratic Senator. 5. A miracle occurs. 6. Republican Senator and other Democratic Senator announce that they have spontaneously, without any prompting from the White House, and against the White House's wishes, gotten together to create a Social Security Reform Bill.

How the hell do they keep the secret that Toby is the architect of this deal from escaping the bag via a WSJ front-page expose of the real story? This is the kind of news reporters would kill for, the real story behind the political deal of the decade. He's not going to just walk away.

Barltet may want to give away his "legacy" but it's not going to stay given away. At least not in a world with competent writers.

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