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meme and Iowa. Iowa and meme.

You are Victor Laszlo. "Shall I remain here
in our hotel room hiding, or should I carry on
the best I can?"

Which Casablanca character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Iowa could have gone better... but it could have gone worse. And we're free of Gephardt. Maybe his little "murder/suicide" kamikaze act on Dean in the last week will be a warning to future politicians. Maybe not.

Edwards had an excellent speech, though. Almost made me think... hmm, nah. He co-authored Patriot. I'll be happy to back him if he wins, happier than backing Kerry or Clark, but... there's got to be an explanation... Anyway, Edwards has been and will continue to be my second choice, I guess. I don't remember if he has consistently been #2 but tonight, well.

Enh. Whatever. This is going to wreak havoc with Dean's volunteer staff, I imagine. Or it could energize them. We'll have to see.


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