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Karaoke tonight

Kiss from a Rose (and who knew, it was a rose on the "grey," not on the "grave") - a little out of my range, even with "down a couple steps" written on the form

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - i (heart) my staple

Hotel California - another karaoke standard, I shouldn't have sunk this low, but I did it well.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light - the KJ (Karaoke Jockey? is that a real term?) uses this when he needs to go to the bathroom halfway through the evening, calling up two people... this time he called up a guy who wanted to learn the song... and it was pretty clear early on he wanted help, so I stepped in and helped out quite a bit. It's a great, long, karaoke song, and not enough people know the duet parts.

I Can't Help Falling in Love With You - the Elvis classic. Just a little too low for me. Maybe up a step next time.

ended the evening with a Suddenly Seymour duet - annoying mistakes in the text on the screen, but it was really nice to do this as a good duet with Deb, one of the best singers in the group we had there...

Guess leaving before 2am is unusual for this crowd, but the place was dead tonight (witness the fact I got six songs in!) and people started dispersing early... Made it to 12:20 or so, leaving right after the duet.

Will have to find Karaoke to take M to sometime. Don't know how Thursday nights in Rochester will work for her with this Karaoke :)

In other news: Work breakthrough today. Code works, and seems to work quite well. Rock on. A few support functions need to be tossed in place, but it's ready for testing, at least.


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