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just for the record...

T-Mobile lies about number portability being available in the Rochester area. If you ask them "Are you sure, because it's not on this list I have here?" and they say "Yes, we show it as available in our computers," try to escalate, or try something. Make sure they stop telling people that number portability is available in the area...

I'm tempted to cancel my account, stay with Sprint for a little while longer, but... there's been so much hassle here, and I don't want to risk the possibility that T-Mobile won't want me when number portability comes along for real in May, because I am a credit risk.

Hmm. It's still worth calling them up and asking about it, I suppose. There'll be nicer phones available in May, I bet.

[edit] Oh yeah, and I was on hold for over an hour waiting to find this out. Their "phone number portability center" is hosed beyond belief.

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