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Dang it...

So many of these CDs I come away from Club Passim with have the same songs I just listened to... only with these bands or whatever added... I saw Jim Boggia on stage with just him and the guitar, and now I have his CD and there's these background singers going aaaaaah and this drummer, and this piano player plinking along... And, I guess it's not bad. But I'd rather have the "Unplugged" equivalent, or the "Live at Passim" version. Especially the part where he accused Teddy Goldstein of calling him a dick. The thing they had between the two of them really worked well.

I liked Teddy Goldstein's new songs better than any of his old stuff, so I'm looking forward to his CD release party coming this April. :)

Oh well. Time to go kill half an hour watching some Jackie Chan Adventures or something... Leaving for the Fair at 2:30... I'm just going to play this day by ear.

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