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quiet time

It's been a while since I've written in the LJ... Things have been moving forward since Arisia, I guess. Or something. :)

Had a good week at work, though things are taking longer than I thought. I'm getting close on this, I think. I should go into work tomorrow, and finish the module I'm on... It's going on forever, but I've finally finalized a bunch of the particulars of the conversion.

Hm. I'm running out of things to talk about here.

I guess I could talk about the feeling I have finally started to get through my skull with certain girls I know, where I realized that I kinda act creepy around them... If you think I'm wrong, then you're not one of those girls, I think. It's just a question of uncertainty of how to act, and this kind of desire to push things a little bit, or something. It should get better, though, as I have figured it out, and will back off. Really, it's called for.

Tomorrow night should be good though, Cee's massage party is happening, and I should get to see Christy there. Had some good conversations with her this week, on topics from what dating and relationships are, to a start of a religion talk (yes, that religion talk)...

I decided what I'm looking for, I think. I want some closeness... a cute friend of mine was sick this week, and I wanted it to be my place to bring her orange juice, to make sure she had a blanket or two at all times, and to make sure she didn't get too lonely all boarded up in her home... But I also realized that there are physical aspects to what I want, I want more than cuddling, I want to feel... well, sex. And I want to be trusted that much... I want the ego boost of it, to some extent, but there's just this deep aching that is associated with being so consistently single.

To some extent, talking to Christy really enabled me to talk about some things I hadn't really talked about before, with anyone... and I hadn't given them much thought beyond "yeah, that'd be nice". This is going to be a long, good friendship, I think. As long as she doesn't find out about my extensive federal criminal record or my secret double life as an agent of the IRS.

I really wish I could go to the LSC SF Marathon tomorrow night. :-( They have an awesome lineup, the best marathon I've heard of yet.
  • X-Men
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Gattaca
  • Tron
  • Total Recall

Incredible. Such pure goodness, they found a way to make it happen... I should go, but I really want to go to this party. Maybe I'll show up really late, in time for Tron, even. Not like my not going will affect the bottom line of the marathon; I've got a perm pass, so I'd get in free. But, it'd be a great little social event, at least it would be if everyone I knew wasn't going to be at the Fetish Fair or at the Massage Party.

Well, anyway, I have been fantasizing that the socialness of last weekend and this upcoming weekend might lead to meeting some cute girls or something. Maybe I should go to the Fair, there will be cute girls there. :)

Woohoo. Old friend found in LJ. Hi, Becca!

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