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Quote of the day for yesterday:

"I think that for it to be an omelette it technically has to have cheese in it."
"Are there any other requirements?"
"Well, the eggs."
"I heard that for it to truly be considered an omelette it has to come from the Omelette region of France."

In other news, I got up this morning, and got ready to go... and went to clean off my car and start it up. Apparently my battery doesn't like the ten degree weather. Time to get it replaced, anyway; it's five years old. Anyway, I got the jump and drove back to Rochester this morning, stopping halfway to rest my eyes for five minutes... Got some caffeine after that, and went home to drop stuff off (don't want electronics to sit in the car all day while I'm at work!)

Two things: forgot to submit a timesheet for last week (fixed), and I missed my 8am dentist appointment (rescheduled for the serendipitous opening that showed up for this afternoon...)

But I got into work at 9:30 after staying the night in Minneapolis, and after needing a jump for the car. Quite reasonable timing, I think. Woot.

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