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oh sure, meme time. From coraline

first real kiss: Deb, who I really didn't know what to do with... So I ran away. I've done that again to two other girls since. Gotta stop doing that.

first job: assembling 340M and 512M SCSI hard drives in the clean room at IBM Rochester, the summer before I left for MIT. I blame some small amount of my trouble at MIT on the fact that this job was second-shift, and I learned to stay up late after getting home from work to unwind. But not much of the aforementioned trouble.

first screen name: Weird Oh. Followed by Nathan Brazil.

first self-purchased album: Um, I know I got The Police's Synchronicity from a friend in high school for my birthday, on CD. I don't remember what CD I first bought.

first funeral: ......I missed both my father's parents' funerals; for one I was in Taiwan with my parents, and for the other I was hosed beyond belief at school. I don't actually think I've ever attended a funeral. That's incredible.

first pet: boxer, my turtle. Used to let him walk around in the front yard, poking at his shell... Out by the two really big trees my parents didn't let the developers chop down when they built the house in Warren, Ohio. He had it a lot better than our dog, Blue, had it later on. We got an afghan, but didn't know how to train an outside dog to stay nearby... so he lived in this cage in the basement, and he was this big outside dog. The only kind of dog my dad and I weren't allergic to... He didn't have much chance for fun, I'm afraid. And taking him for a walk was tough, he was always pulling so hard on that leash.

first piercing: None.

first true love: unrequited, of course. [J], my sophomore year at school... or maybe not until my junior year, but I knew she was something special pretty dang early. lost touch, and mercifully faded, as these things always do.

first big trip: does flying to Chicago from Taiwan at three months old count? I'm thinking my first real big trip in living memory is driving from Warren, Ohio to Florida to visit my paternal grandmother. We car-camped at KOAs all the way down, in the ol' blue and white Plymouth van with the mattress in the back. My parents drove straight through on the way back, taking turns sleeping while the other drove. Only now do I realize how insane that was. :)


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Jan. 30th, 2004 08:25 pm (UTC)
Strange, huh?
When you run across the web page belonging to an ex... and you start reading old journal entries to try to find out if he is really happy... you never expect to see your name!
Jan. 30th, 2004 08:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Strange, huh?
Oh. Um. Wow.

Say hi. :)
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