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That was a fun night :) The Dean Eight Days Later social was at a bar, where we hung out and stuff, and then at 8 we headed over to the Viking Lounge for some good ol' fashioned Karaoke. It started out slow enough, just our group and a couple of individuals taking turns... I got a good rendition of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in there. It was a good key for me, though I don't remember which it was.

I next signed up for "Hook", with the whole Pachelbel Canon thing goin' on, and the great lyrics... Just a great song. But it came up in E, and it was about one line in that I realized I needed it to be some other key. Any other key. I still did the fast part well, if tonelessly. When I went up for that I turned in my slip for the next song... and waited an hour and a half, chatting with the cute girls some of my friends brought along. It was fun! I suspect that their voices just happened to be in the range of frequencies that I can actually hear in a crowded bar; that helped a lot.

Finally, at 11:30, "Ramblin' Man" (in A flat) redeemed my dismal "Hook"; lots of our group hadn't been around for the first song, so it was good to be able to impress them some (grin). I chose a semi-country (Country Rock?) song to fit in a little better at that place. Lots of people were doing songs I'd never heard. Someone did the Dixie Chicks' Earl song.

Hm, I wonder if someone got a photo of me last night, to replace my current "karaoke" lj pic. This one was taken in Taiwan when I badly needed a haircut, and had 30 more pounds than I do now.


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Nov. 14th, 2003 09:21 am (UTC)
But I love this picture. It looks like famous Taiwanese singing sensation crossed with the funniest man on Taiwanese television. (I saw him on The Amazing Race 4, and he had that exact expression at one point.)

You're a star!!!

PS: When are you coming for the turkiness?
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