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Matrix Revolutions

Ok, it's time for me to come out of the closet. I saw The Matrix Revolutions, and I loved it. It's not the perfect classic that Matrix was, but I don't expect we'll see a movie with the simplistic purity of that movie again in our lifetimes. But this movie was excellent, especially after having heard bad things about it. Going into it expecting uninteresting characters, incomprehensible plot, and no answers to any questions, it was a bonanza of all the things that the reviewers said it lacked.

Note, however, that this is, above all else, a movie for a hardcore science fiction fan who is fully paying attention. There are subtle cues as to what's going on at several points in the movie; the Wachowskis have gotten the visual language of science fiction down to extremely fine detail. I think I will see it again sometime this weekend, and keep a mental list of all the places where important plot points would be missed by a casual reviewer.

And I'll note that it does fail to answer certain key questions, but I don't mind that so much... People may have been waiting for an explanation of Neo's power over the Sentinels, or had their own theories about it, that were neither confirmed nor denied. Personally, I don't mind that part. But thinking about it, I could see how someone would have a bit of ego invested in being right about their guess about this, and this is a big letdown for those people. I've done that myself before.

This time I just decided to sit back and let the movie be what it was, going into it, and I think that made all the difference.

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