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weight watchers time.

Well. It's definitely time to start on Weight Watchers. I just spent a day thinking I was eating extremely healthy, then at the end of the day I added up the points... and came up 4 points over my limit for a day. I hate to think what would happen if I were to add up one of my worse days, like yesterday.

Here's what I ate today, and the point values of the various items: Breakfast: Bagel (5), can of V-8 (1).

Lunch: Wendy's doublestack w/ cheese (10), 5 chicken tenders (6), and a caesar sald, no croutons (4).

Dinner: ham sandwich (6), yogurt (2).

34 points, and at 260 pounds (yes, I'm all the way back up there, 15 pounds above my nadir...) I'm only allowed 30 in a given day.

And I'm still cooking my spaghetti sauce and taking little sips and tastes... I figure that'll be another two points if I'm not careful, by the end of the night. I'll try to keep it down to one. :) It's a two-and-a-half hour simmering process, though, and the temptation is great, especially since that sandwich and yogurt left me feeling a bit hungry. But only for about ten minutes after I finished... then I got better. I've got to work to remember that trick. Writing down food helps a lot.

Now, I'm watching game seven... and so far it's looking pretty good.

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