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My Dinner With Andrew

I'm watching My Dinner with Andre now... He says "immediately" and "literally" funny.
"You know, Debbie once said after one of these New York evenings, she thought she'd travelled a greater distance just by journeying from her origins in the sububrbs of Chicago to that New York evening, than her grandmother had travelled in making her way from the steppes of Russia to the suburbs of Chicago."
This fits in with the feeling completely out of it at the barbecue tonight... These people's mannerisms and communications, and their interactions... left me dodging around the edges, looking for the place where I'm supposed to fit here. We argued over rules of the Chez Geek, and my way of talking about the rules made them see me as belligerent and, well... I was just trying to, you know, "get it right."

Sorry if this rambling and long. I had some beers this evening, like three... and I'm starting to find that I'm easily affected by alcohol. As I used to suspect.

"Turn on that electric blanket, and it's like taking a tranquilizer, like being lobotomized by watching television. I think you enter the dreamworld again. I mean, what does it do to us, Wally, where something as massive as the seasons, or winter, or cold, don't in any way affect us?"
Good movie. Thought-provoking. Watch it. "Why do you think we're not living like that? I think it's because if we allowed ourselves to see what we do every day, we might just find it too nauseating."

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