just a guy made of dots and lines (crs) wrote,
just a guy made of dots and lines

On a new laptop

I've been going back and forth on this computer for a week or so now, ever since the eMachines laptop got all, y'know, lame seeming compared to this. (For those not following the link: Compaq Presario X1010US Notebook PC (1.30-GHz Pentium-M (Centrino), 512 MG RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive) - it has an ATI Radeon Mobility 9200 3d chipset in it, and a nice wide screen (1280x800). Somehow, seeing that eMachines laptop at Best Buy has convinced me that I want a wide-screen laptop.

The price of this thing is $200 cheaper than at Best Buy, and I was tempted by it at Best Buy... And looking at competing brands, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Apple, it's miles cheaper... Hmm. blah blah blah.

When it comes down to it, though, the laptop is like four trips to Boston. I'd rather have the trips.


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