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Been watching TV.

Joan of Arcadia

This is an interesting show... I am definitely going to keep watching; it's got an interesting take on things, exploring spirituality and being funny and, just, somehow... it avoided the problems I had been expecting it to run into. The boy confined to the wheelchair has the right attitude.

Jackie Chan Adventures

They keep on making it interesting, coming up with good new schtick. This is a good, solid series. And it has a good formula for a D20 Modern game, and I hope to tap some of that for a game eventually.

Fun characters... this is what makes a great game; the situations are just a chance for them to shine. I don't know how to make that happen as a GM. Except maybe to create characters for the players and hand over a packet at the beginning of the game... Although, now, I'm getting to the point where I will be able to make some interesting characters of my own for other games, given ideas from shows like this. Though it's really interactions between characters that make anything happen. *sigh*


I'm really enjoying this season already. This deal where they control the lawfirm... It's great waiting for the other shoe to drop. The other shoe is a powerful force in storytelling. Spike hasn't been very impressive to me, yet. We'll see if he just needs time to adjust to the situation, or what... Nothing too unexpected from him there.


Not enjoying the little bit of this season that I've seen so far; they've toned the silliness waaaay down, and they're missing Jack (who, I think, went over to West Wing to be the new Vice President? No, wait, it's verified that he's Gary Cole, the guy from Office Space and the Brady Bunch movies, while Jack is Carlos Jacott... who just looks like Gary Cole)

So I won't be, y'know, watching this one anymore.

West Wing

Speaking of Gary Cole, Congressman "Bongo Bob" Russell provided about the only interesting bit of this season of West Wing so far. The only part of the show done in any way other than ... well ... the obvious. He is going to be a good character, I suspect; he had the best line I've heard all season. I miss Sorkin, and I hope he's got something good stewing for us next.

Hmm. Interesting thought, what if Sorkin and Whedon were to join forces? They'd be freakin' unstoppable, if they could agree on anything.


Enh. Can't look away at how they've adapted this to the American market. But... While it's not a good adaptation, it is getting a little better as they figure out where they are standing, these American actors.

Scrubs and Happy Family

Much, much funnier. Again, snappy interactions between characters really do it for me. Scrubs has some really fun characters, and the actors each have their unique vocal mannerisms - it gives the show a rhythm. And Happy Family, well, I'm just amused by this; it's got John Laroquette's sense of humor all over it, and I've always liked his stuff.


Couldn't watch more than ten minutes of one episode here. I am getting to like the theme song, but the rest of the show is... unwatchable, and I don't even know why. Oh well.

The Handler

It's sitting on my replay, waiting for me to check it out. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Not enough hours in the week. I think I'll skip it; hopefully it's not something too good I'm missing. It'll join the pile with MI-5, Monk, and... probably countless other shows I should be keeping up with.


Heh. The pilot episode had Don Henley playing in the background for the part that happens in the 80s. :) Maybe I'll watch the show in the one-a-week reruns on the WB on Sundays.

Deep Space Nine

I miss DS9. Maybe I'll get Season One on DVD sometime.


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