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mixed reviews

It's getting tough again; but I think that tomorrow I may be able to really quickly pound through a module or two, I've been thinking about it now, and it's starting to gel, the mime stuff. But I'm not moving nearly fast enough to get there in time. I'm definitely going to have to start working even longer hours, and weekends. Willpower is *hard* to gather for this, I've got a game tomorrow night, had pinball tonight, and a movie Wednesday, and... doom is settling in. Friday night I'm also booked, and just in general this "long hours" thing isn't happening yet. :-( But I should be able to work at least one day this weekend, and I really need to start telling my friends to expect me to disappear for the next few weeks.

Oh man. This is tough. I can feel the cloud of doom settling over my head even as I type. And I'm sitting here playing Trivial Pursuit instead of working. I shouldn't feel guilty, but they asked me to extend myself and I said yes, so that does put me under some obligation; if I had said "I can't do that" then they could have planned around this somewhat. So I have to do it. I have a responsibility to sit in it.

Bleah. The timing is just annoying. Though at least a certain someone is out of town almost the entire time I'll be buried. But there seems to be fun to be had around here for now, more than all year long, and I need to get out of sight for it.

I gotta keep off the video games, too. Gotham Racing, Pikmin, and the rest, it all has to stay out of sight. Movies, except for the very best, gotta go.


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Dec. 18th, 2001 08:26 am (UTC)
a certain someone?
ooh! a certain someone?
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