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so much...

Friday night - Living Force online (Almas 2) until 1:30am. Got 1000xp for Allan, my Human Soldier.
Saturday - Dean booth at LaCrosse Pride from 9am marshalling at Ann’s house til evening.
Saturday evening - drive home, get stuff, drive to Minneapolis, get fed dinner at 9pm. Watch B5 with Scott.
Sunday - Social and Productive in Minneapolis, fed by Christi, hung out with Cindy and Thibeault, and later Adam and Brian as well... Scraped a part of a garage, and had great food by Joelle (sp?). Back to Rochester in the evening, then to sleep.
Monday - work til 9pm on project that last week was in “Get the requirements done sometime soon” stage. Go home, veg. Sleep early.
Tuesday - work til 7:30pm on project. Submit final compile that should work, zip to parents’ house to eat dinner and get online in time for Living Greyhawk online (”Birthday Bash”). Learn that D&D online with strangers is a crap shoot, as it is at a con. Will continue game Thursday. Played from 8-midnightish. Now I have insomnia despite being really tired.

I have had no breathing room since... Thursday? I don’t even remember what Thursday was. It may have been something. But last week I got back from Gen Con (I’ll hopefully post about that at some point, in some detail. ‘cause it was great and I want to go back next year) and... well... I’ve been busy.

Oh, another thing. Wednesday - wake up tired due to insomnia, go to work, get things done, and somehow make it to the Dean Meetup by 6pm. With a PowerPoint presentation in hand. Shouldn’t be too hard to cobble together, now that I think about it; I have the QuickTime movie of his welcome, at least.

We shall see.


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