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So, I guess I haven’t written much here in a while... I’ve been kinda, y’know, busy, or something... Hmm.

Not much is happening, really. I played in a game on June 28th, it was all right. Way too much planning, and I had to leave before it got into the big action, in order to get back home and get some good sleep before the next day.

Why did I need to get sleep before the next day? Because of the flight. That’s right, I flew to Las Vegas, for five or so days of excitement, fun, and most of all, relaxation! It was a mini-reunion with some folks, including sansmojo, who wrote some about the trip in his LJ. We stayed at the MGM Grand, with its excellent pool (they’re the one with the river thingie), good buffet, and nice bars. We walked the strip many times, drove to downtown (the Fremont St. Experience), and just saw lots of great stuff. Really fun, and I think I’ll be going back sometime.

As for the gambling, well, I had counted my losses at around $150 by the last day of the trip... I went to drop folks off at the airport, as I was the last one out (a 1am redeye flight will do that to you)... Seeing as I had a few hours to kill, I figured I could lose another $20, in the name of fun. Drove around to a couple hotels I hadn’t been to yet during the trip, and ended up at the Stratosphere, where I saw they had a $2 craps table. “Hey!” I thought... “That could be fun, and might even last me a while!”

An hour later I walked away with $168. That run meant I almost broke even on gambling for this trip. I then went over to the Rio to see the giant floating head (I didn’t know that’s why I was going there, but once I got there I realized that was what drew me), and I resisted the urge to play any more games for the rest of the trip. Went to the airport, got an hour of sleep on the terminal floor, and flew home.

Good times. I got back early the morning of July 4th, and my parents picked me up at the airport. My sleep schedule has almost recovered from the Pacific Time Zone.


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