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Now that I’m employed again I can start thinking about some of those purchases I’ve been putting off, like DS9 and B5 DVDs. How to schedule it so I don’t go all-out on a spending binge, buying up all the DS9 and B5 currently available (it would cost $560 or so, I think, which is more than I want to spend by a lot)... If I wanted to buy one set right now, just one set, what would it be?

B5 Season 2 is tempting, since that would be a lot of fun to watch again. Season 1 would also be fun to rewatch... DS9 season 1 will probably be the last thing I buy, eventually, when it’s time to finish up my collection for completeness’ sake. No, wait. B5 season 5 will come after that, possibly at the infinity point. But anyway, the other option that comes up is DS9 Season 2 or 3... since it’s been a long, long time since those were on TV, and I’m not sure I remember what happens in them. It could be nice to see them again, for the first time. Some of that time I may not even have been watching, and it could really be episodes I’d be seeing for The First Time!

Hmm... More thought must go into this.
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