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Now that I’m employed again I can start thinking about some of those purchases I’ve been putting off, like DS9 and B5 DVDs. How to schedule it so I don’t go all-out on a spending binge, buying up all the DS9 and B5 currently available (it would cost $560 or so, I think, which is more than I want to spend by a lot)... If I wanted to buy one set right now, just one set, what would it be?

B5 Season 2 is tempting, since that would be a lot of fun to watch again. Season 1 would also be fun to rewatch... DS9 season 1 will probably be the last thing I buy, eventually, when it’s time to finish up my collection for completeness’ sake. No, wait. B5 season 5 will come after that, possibly at the infinity point. But anyway, the other option that comes up is DS9 Season 2 or 3... since it’s been a long, long time since those were on TV, and I’m not sure I remember what happens in them. It could be nice to see them again, for the first time. Some of that time I may not even have been watching, and it could really be episodes I’d be seeing for The First Time!

Hmm... More thought must go into this.


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Jun. 16th, 2003 10:59 am (UTC)
I've been going through a similar decision process. But for me it is Buffy and B5.

I've been thinking of buying B5 DVDs because that's the one show I told myself I'd buy when it became available on DVD. But now I don't see much reason to. I can rent them if I want, and could probably borrow them from someone in MIT B5-viewing crowd.

The B5 presents a story that is good and that broke new ground. But now that the ground-breaking is long past, I feel like owning the DVDs would be kinda like owning recordings of all Jimmy Stewart movies -- some of them are classics, but do I really want my collection to be so dominated by that one category? I don't think so. Perhaps if I end up with many other movies, I'll add B5 to the mix.

I'm buying the Buffy DVDs, though. I haven't seen enough of season 6 (and none of season 7) to know if I'll want to buy *those*, but I definitely want the movie and seasons 1-5.

I feel like I'd be missing an important cultural common ground in communicating with someone who had never seen the Jimmy Stewart classics, or followed the Buffy series. I'd have many other cultural gaps with someone outside our community, but watching or reading fiction is a much easier way to close such a gap then, say, teaching someone to program, introducing someone to the various forms of spelunking and climbing, getting someone to appreciate Random culture, etc.

Now that I think about it, I have 2 main reasons to collect ~Hollywood DVDs:

1. So I have something to watch when I'm otherwise idle and bored (maybe once every few months), and:

2. So I can establish cultural common ground with a significant other person in my life (including, but not limited to, a "Significant Other").
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