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"new life energy"

Well, the new life energy is running out.

That's the energy you get when you get to feel productive doing simple things like putting away books in a bookshelf, or putting together your entertainment center. Once it's all together, you're back to the daily drudge. That's where I am now...

I haven't done much email correspondence in the last week or so; I should start that stuff back up. Write to people back East, too. That would be a good idea. Better than Zephyr or IM, anyway, in that sort of permanence way, and in the thought-out way... and in the non-disruptive way, I guess, too. That should be a bigger consideration for me than it has been.

I think it's time to get my emotional boosts from work, though.

Now that I recognize that I'm coming down from that high of moving in, though... and now that I have some caffeine in my system... I think I am going to be in pretty good shape. Knowing the source of your emotions is a big step in working with them.
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