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quick little jaunt...

Made it up to the Twin Cities for a quick little jaunt to the Mall of America. Decided on the spur of the moment, on the basis of the fact that my power adapter for my iBook had died. Apple Store to the rescue, once again. It really is excellent having brick & mortar stores with Mac Geniuses to consult on any problem. Since I bought the adapter in December, and even had the receipt for it with me, it was easy; I was just lucky they had it in stock.

Hung with Scott, had dinner, had some Krispy Kremes, and saw a Zim episode I didn’t even know existed (Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars)... It had its high points, and was otherwise unremarkable; I’m starting to see that is the case with a lot of Zim, actually. Kind of disillusioned :-/

Got back and found the Tivo had successfully downloaded its brain. Next up, get the replay doing its thing, and get it all together before Wednesday night, when I need to start taping Angel, while making sure to get the West Wing season finale on at the same time. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with Angel now that the finale has shown; maybe they’ll be good about it and start showing where I left off. That would be a stroke of luck.

But in general, the whole setup here is feeling good and solid. That “able to jaunt up to Minneapolis on a whim” bit was kinda important to my whole Rochester strategy. I’m glad it was accurate.

Did I mention Krispy Kreme? They’ve got a store in the MoA :) Mmm.

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