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good week. great week.

Great week at work. So that’s what things are like at a real company. I’d forgotten. Reasonable expectations, positive feedback, good support structures... and somehow, an expectation of professionalism that I once would have found unnecessarily confining... All of these make my work here a lot of fun, and really engaging. I’ve got two projects, and some other products I’m supporting (almost 0 effort there, after spending a little time getting the lay of the land), and it’s keeping me busy and happy. Rock on!

The apartment is wonderful... Even though it’s a bit of a disaster area while unpacking, it’s spacious, and I’ve got some furniture to put together.

Thursday night we brought it over from the stores, and while I was trying to figure out what went where, my mom started cleaning the kitchen and my closet... it drove me nuts, just how little I had done with the apartment, and I got angry with her... Ended the evening on a bad note. But last night I ended up making them dinner when they came over after going to the gym, and that went really well. And it made them realize I could do these things, and made me remember I have a lot of independence.

I need to be careful not to get dependent on my mom coming over to do my cleaning for me all the time (I still haven’t gotten to use the laundry machines). Although TV I guess it’s not so different from having paid people to do it twice a month at the old place (though that didn’t include laundry)... So... I don’t know. I feel a lot better, having demonstrated my cooking to the parents.

The entertainment center is put together, and I couldn’t sleep last night ‘til 12:30 or so, because I kept on coming up with little bits of wiring I could get done in the setup. It just needs to be wired a little more before we can push it back towards the wall and put the TV in its place. Then we attack the computer desk in the other room. I have an office-type room! This is such a great apartment...

And I’ve been exchanging emails and/or IMs with various cute girls... being here is being really good for my self-esteem, my general awakeness, and ... hopefully, soon, my health, as I get a gym membership. Any day now, really. Oh, and my political activism. The fact there were five of us at the Dean meetup this week really made it seem important that I be active in this group. I’m running a small mailing list here, of the people who showed, and... we’ll see where it goes.

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