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a good Saturday

Let's see... yesterday I
  • put food in the fridge
  • ordered phone (should be active Thursday)
  • ordered gas
  • ordered cable & internet (should be here Wednesday)
  • bought a cable modem ($60 for the $100 model, since the model they advertised for $60 wouldn't work with the company here in town. Best Buy is good folks)
  • bought Saiyuki disc 1
  • fixed the Airport
  • watched my dad install shelves in the garage
  • watched my mom organize my kitchen and my closet
  • set up my bed in my new apartment
Now I just need to figure out a few last things... like the network topology I'm going to use at the new place. I'm thinking I might use my Linux box as a firewall. I just realized I've never set up Linux as a firewall server myself... I thought I had, but I can't remember having done it.

Shouldn't be too tough, right?

Today it's off to OfficeMax, or Staples, or something, with my parents, to get the free (with rebate) stuff. And then up to the Cities to catch an early show of X-2 w/ Scott. Then, maybe, I'll go hang at the Festival of Nations. I should do that, it sounds like fun. I remember back when we used to have a field trip up there for school...

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