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the week in review

Work - It’s looking good. Two weeks and I’m already starting to shift into a higher gear. Infrastructure is in place, first status report sent in, and I now have three projects to work on.

Apartment - it’s starting to look like a place to live... Bed frame is there, but tomorrow the mattress and boxspring will go, if we can borrow the truck a friend is renting to move across town. (Everything else goes ok in my parents’ minivan. I won’t have wireless for a little while there, at least not until I can find out where I packed the Airport, and where I ended up putting the replacement capacitors... *sigh* I was so organized before. Oh, and I need to remember to call electric, gas, phone, and cable companies sometime during business hours early next week. Oops. So I guess the Airport won’t be so relevant for a little while yet.

Laptop - space bar is losing, either not registering or registering twice when I press it. But I just took it off, put it back, and it seems to be ok now. (After editing and entering a bunch more of this, I can verify, the space bar hasn’t misfired for a few minutes now.)

iPod - arrived today, and is beautiful. I’ve got my 10G of music on it (out of 30) and that’s probably as much music as I’ll have on it for a long time to come. I’m going to organize my iTunes library a bit more, lose some of the stuff I’m always skipping, rip more of my CDs that are sitting inert... That kind of thing.

Car - new plates, decided not to go for the vanity plates here in Minnesota. It somehow feels like a Massachusetts thing to do -- whatever that means. So I’m like KYM 277 or something. I am gonna take some photos of the MA plates for the last time tomorrow morning, and then switch ‘em. I also need to take the car into the dealership to get them to top off the coolant (it’s a weird VW-only coolant). ... and I should take my parents’ advice and get the bent-to-hell rim replaced at a junkyard out here. Even after being “fixed” it’s bent enough to lose 4 pounds of pressure over the last 1500 miles.

Politics - I don’t know. I can only hope for 2004. I wonder if I will get to see the first democratic debate... C-SPAN is supposed to have it Sunday, but it didn’t show up on my Replay. Will I have to manual record it?

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