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apartment in Brookline

Anyone know anyone who's looking for an apartment, and wouldn't mind living in brookline in a very nice house with three guys? they're gaming geek guys, at least...

Rent's $950/mo, it's a nice big bedroom (with a tiny tiny closet, but it comes with the extra vinyl/metal closet thingie I left behind that will hold clothes but take up a little floorspace). There's lots of very nice common space, with a TV room, living room, dining area, and a very nice kitchen. The guys get maid service (one visit per month comes with the rent, and they split the cost of a second visit), so the place is nice and clean.

I've got a couple leads, but I'm stuck in a lease 'til August 1, and afterwards I'd like not to make the guys leave the house for lack of another housemate. I'm already paying May's rent so if you want to move in slowly over that timeframe and start paying in June, that's fine by me.

Location, to be more specific, is a stone's throw from Coolidge Corner.

Oh, and there's a huge backyard with some room for gardening and the like. And a shed. It's a beautiful place, you gotta see it to believe it.

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