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Happy what?

From hauntmeister:
Ironically, the picture of a grinning Bush wearing his protective gear looks nearly identical to the infamous shot of Dukakis riding a tank.
My response:

Guh. Though, I think what really killed Dukakis in that infamous photo isn't the grin, but the tie showing over the top of his fatigues. That loses him all credibility. Rather than the 50-60% of it that Bush doesn't have in that photo. The rest of Bush's credibility goes away from knowing things from outside the photo.

Happy Loyalty Day, Mr. Haunt. Ugh. Please please please please let 2004 go well, in the name of Sanity.

And I just read that Kerry questioned the fitness of Dean "to be commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces"... It really begins on a bad note.

Think I'll repost this in my journal.

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