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day one

Ok, so they actually wanted to have a photocopy of my social security card, it wasn’t just that they wanted to be damn sure that I knew what my number was... A half an hour of digging through my crap in the garage, and voila. Selective Service and Social Security cards dug up. Tomorrow I guess I stop by the administrative office on my way in.

Today was really quite good though. Some silly challenges (figure out how to get my PC installed with a very very newly tweaked (and undocumented) install process), but at the end of the day my team lead actually came in (back from his all-day class) and we got to talk quite a bit about what’s coming up. And I gotta say, it actually sounds like fun, exciting work. And it’s work I know I can handle; I can ace this.

So overall, I gotta say, I’m feeling really good right now. I have a new bank account at the credit union, and a bunch of forms to look at. I should look around and make a list of apartments I’d like to call tomorrow at lunch, too. I need to look at places real soon now and figure out if Sunset Trail is the be-all end-all of apartments.
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