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driving - day 2

We started the day in the hotel room in Elyria, Ohio, watching a little ESPN Classic. Some big NL championship from a few years back was on, and there was a really bad call. Then the Weather Channel warned us of rain, storms, and general gloom in our path. But we made it past Cleveland, onto the west side of it, successfully avoiding the whole rush hour thing. We were timing it to (hopefully) get into Chicago around lunch, avoiding rush hour there, as well.

A little more time with the TV showed me Project Damocles, some kind of Our Man Flint sequel, or something... and ... what made me want to see High Plains Drifter? I forget. But it’s on my list now. We hit the road at 9:45 eastern.

I think something reminded me I wanted to try guitar lessons sometime. I could do that here, now. I should have the time for it, right? So far I’m finding I have time for setting up things, and it’s nice. We’ll see what happens starting Monday with time. I guess maybe it was the NPR radio show that was reviewing A Mighty Wind. I gotta see all those Christopher Guest movies.

Let’s see... I quote the Beatles, “I see your smile and it moves me”... or is that Trina Hamlin? It was from one of those albums in my disc changer.

I have a scrawl here, “last supper, Vinnie Testa’s” Oh yeah, I had a last supper of sorts on the first night of Passover. Whatever. The Prince of Egypt thing is more relevant than that bit of timing silliness.

Early on, I was starting to have an ache in my right elbow and shoulder. I started doing stretching things for it a bunch, and seeing what I could do to keep it all right. But it didn’t really get worse or go away at any point... By the end of the day it felt like mild tennis elbow. [note: it seems to have gone away very quickly overnight, and I almost forgot I had had any trouble of that kind at all]

Day 2 statistics:

miles: 666 (yes, Elyria seems to have been exactly the halfway point between Somerville and Rochester, if you go from Unseen to my parents’ house, leaving Boston in a very inefficient manner)
avg speed: 59 mph (Chicago slowed us down a little on the inbound side, despite our planning)
time on road: 11:15
total time travelling: 13:15
car average mileage: 31.4 mpg

Another post forthcoming on the political thoughts I had while listening to NPR (Chicago Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, and Minnesota Public Radio). It turns out NPR is much more engaging than music, and makes the time pass much more quickly on the road. Or maybe I was just getting better at the distance driving thing.

Total trip:
miles: 1331 (how leet is that?)
time on road: 22:15
total time travelling: 17:15


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Apr. 19th, 2003 10:05 pm (UTC)
NPR for long drives
As a veteran of many very long drives (I no longer even remember how many times I've driven over 1000 miles in a single day), I've found that NPR is one of the most engaging things to listen to. Music I really love, and especially live tapes with good banter, also work well. And best of all, anything that's consistently funny. Which could be either music - like a live moxy früvous tape, or NPR - Car Talk, especially.

You're reminding me of my first drive through Wisconsin and Minnesota. I was returning from a cross country trip, and drove from Portland OR to Oberlin OH in 48 hours. That included a stop in Montana to sleep for about 6 or 7 hours, but by the time I reached Minnesota I was getting tired and it was dark. Without the sun up to keep me awake alert, I was considering stopping to sleep again... but Minnesota Public Radio to the rescue! Two hours of some of the funniest Prairie Home Companion I've ever heard. And then I crossed the border into Wisconsin, switched over to Wisconsin Public Radio, and they had a similar variety show going. After four solid hours of laughter, I no longer needed sleep :)

I crossed through Chicago around 4am, and found that at that time of night, you actually can get all the way through Chicago at a reasonable speed. On my way east at the beginning of this trip, I'd skirted the southern edge of Chicago on I-80 around 6pm, and it took me about two hours to get through. On the other hand, I also noted that Chicago at 4am has a lot more traffic than western Colorado at "rush hour".
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