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the drive - day 1 (Thursday)

We left Unseen University at like 8am, and I went to drop by at casa chaiya. After giving her a bookcase and getting some wonderful goodbye hugs (*snif*)... I went and joined my dad on the road.

Getting from Somerville to I-90 isn’t too bad, normally — if you’re not in a 10’ truck. When you’re leading a truck through the streets, suddenly, “no trucks” signs suddenly pop up everywhere. You end up zigging this way and zagging that way... and I ended up failing utterly to find a reasonable way through. I consider this a complete failure at my Advanced Boston Driving course final.

Once we hit the Mass Pike, though, everything went smooth as silk. An hour or two later, I had a bit of a Good Will Hunting moment... At the end, when he’s driving west, he drives down that exact road, exploring a new world. He’s going to find... what?

I called up Ciber, and let them know the good news, that I was on the road... I got a bit of a weather report from the guy, and learned where and when to go. A little before 8am, Monday. A little before 8am. Well. This is gonna be an interesting change of pace.

Then... I realized I was listening to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, and it was the first... second?... day of passover. Second, right. Was it just a coincidence? Last time that soundtrack showed up in my car was pretty much a year ago. But this time it more involved the big binder of CDs at my fingertips when changing the CDs for the big trip than anything else. Needed my top six CDs for listening to on the road. Then the Evita soundtrack came along, and Juan Peron was singing about going into exile, finding job satisfaction in Paraguay. Hey. Look at me, driving to, um, Paraguay. And hey, look, both the Evita and Buffy soundtracks ask “Where am I going to?” or “Where do we go from here?”

I needed a half-hour nap in the late afternoon, but after that I was able to drive late into the night. We made it to midnight or so. First day statistics:

miles: 665
avg speed: 61 mph
time on road: 11 hours
total time travelling (including breaks): 14 hours
car average mileage: 30.9 mpg

The truck... did a lot worse. 53 gallons bought throughout the day. Plus the tank wasn’t full at the end of the day. It’ll take a little work to get the stats on the truck. But it was almost completely full of stuff.

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