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1331 miles

Two days and 1331 miles later, here I am with all my stuff in Minnesota. Time to look to the future. What are my goals here? There are two scenarios:
  1. I am here to have a job, save up money for a while, and return to Boston with a new emergency fund once I line up a job back there, or
  2. I am here to try a new way of life, get settled in to this thing called Minnesota, and see how it compares, how my life is different in a less congested city.
The answer to this riddle feeds directly into the question:

Do I want to save a whole lot of money by living upstairs from my parents while I’m here?

I think the answer right now is “wait and see what it’s like.” I’ve got a perfect excuse to stay here ‘til August - I’m still paying rent in Boston - and I can take my time to see what the options are around here. With enough time looking around, maybe I can come up with something truly nice, rather than whatever happens to be on rent.com the day I look.

The only downside to this tack is having to move twice. And that’s really not so horrible, given that the second move can be done very incrementally, across town, with help from my parents and their minivan.

More on the trip coming in the morning, when I will take the time to transcribe my scrawled notes of thoughts while I was driving. I listened to a bunch of NPR (well, Chicago Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Radio) today. It was good.


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Apr. 19th, 2003 11:33 am (UTC)
Life's a journey, not a destination
firstly, you could do both. Secondly, you don't have to have a plan. *hugs* The great thing about you is that you're a cool person -- you'll make friends no matter where you are. The important thing is that you're happy. Yes, you mainly made this move for money. But maybe you'll find that you're happier living close to your parents (or just the opposite, maybe they want you to come visit them every weekend, because you can!). See what life is like. Jobs in Boston are still hard to come by, and jobs that will pay for relocation even harder.

*hugs* I miss you already.
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