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Bye, Dave

We went to Wendy's for lunch today, and toasted Dave Thomas, the founder of the best fast food chain out there. Thanks, Dave, for making it possible to get a really good burger with a baked potato. You fought a good fight against McD's and BK.

In other news, that nebulous "hanging out with Christy one of these days" actually happened last night. :) I got to see Antonia's Line, which was excellent, and we made lasagne. Christy's really cool, we had a lot in common, and it was just a great time.

I'm also feeling pretty enthusiastic about the chance to do a little road trip this weekend, taking the train to Philly to pick up and bring back her car. :) Reminds me of another time I did this with my own car and someone else, actually... With mine, the circumstances weren't as happy; I had been on a roadtrip, and on the way back from King's Dominion or some such amusement park in Virginia, my engine simply died, and wouldn't start up again. Turns out it was the chip, but I ended up flying back to Boston, waiting for the Olds dealer to fix it, and then flying back down with a friend to bring it back. Fun day, but... expensive. Anyway, I traded in that car later that year; it had betrayed me. I kinda wish I hadn't, occasionally; it probably still had a good three or four years left in it.

And now, I code like the wind. We have scheduling mojo going on here, and it shows that I'm rather definitively running behind.

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