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Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Yesterday went really well.

I went to the party for a while and had a great time. There were like at least four or five cute girls there and, I don't know what's going on, but I've just seemed more able to flirt this last week than ever before.

I wonder if those theories about self-confidence and attractiveness are all right; I've been pretty happy about work since I started making real progress on my latest project. I've been saying "It's good to have a mission" to people, and that's basically how it goes. I've got a deadline, and the work is going forward. I'm feeling good and competent, and that must have some effect on how I appear to girls...

But anyway, last night was just cool. Then I came home 'cause the cats were starting to get to me, and the gamers were taking a break when I came in the door. And they needed an arcane spellcaster, badly. Twenty minutes later I was in with a ninth-level sorceror... It was a good game, even if we did get our asses handed to us. But next time it'll work better. :)

And now I have some time to kill before going to work; I'm giving someone a ride to work and got up earlier than I needed to to make it happen. Wouldn't be very useful to show up at her place early, so I'm sitting here, writing a journal, and watching last night's Malcolm.

Writing one of these without any names is wacky. It's all pronouns and "a friend" and "cute girls at the party" and, well, I guess it's a side-effect of using a public forum. Oh well. Can't risk anyone knowing how I feel about them.

Or I could.

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