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fun dinner mob

It was a relatively small dinner mob that just worked... reminiscing about Random Hall happened, and other things from times of yore. Lots of dinner and dessert was had, and I may have a lead on a housemate to replace me, a most unexpected side benefit!

The pho was yummy, of course. And L.A. Burdick’s. And stories, and talk about sci fi, and just general... interaction. It felt the most like the “good old days” as an undergrad than I’ve felt in a long time, actually.

It was tiring in a way, but it was also refreshing, and a good note to go out on.

I was thinking of other foods I need to get before leaving town, and the three things that came up were Mary’s, Meat on Sticks(TM), and Indian. I think I can probably do Indian Tuesday easily enough, there’s a good one of those right around the corner here... The other two, may be tricky. Maybe get my Dad out to Mary’s Tuesday night or something...

BTW, I’m picking up my dad from the airport Tuesday at 5pm, so starting around 4 I’m not going to be doing packing here after all... I guess I could leave people doing things while I’m gone, or even just hanging out, potentially, but there’s the chance it could take a little while to get there and back... Call it 6 or so. Maybe after that, Mary’s can be had with a bit of a group, including my dad. I’ll talk to him about the possibilities.

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