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new phone

So I finally did it, I went to Circuit City and upgraded my phone from the Samsung N200 to the N400. New color screen, “PCS Vision” compatibility, spiffy digital ringers, and speakerphone. And, of course, it’s new, so battery life is at its peak. Interestingly enough, they didn’t give me store credit for the remainder of the warranty on the old phone, instead asking for an address to mail a check to; apparently it’s a different company altogether that does the warranties. Last time it was just store credit... weird.

Sprint pricing is wacky. But I figured out the right way to do it; I could just take wireless web off my old account, and put on vision, and not have to deal with any kind of minimum commitment agreement. A definite win, since the minimum plan I could get now as a new plan would be $5 more per month than my current plan.

On the other hand, I’ve used 457 peak minutes so far this month, out of ... 350. That is to say, I’m going to owe them $40 extra for minutes used. Ugh. I asked about upgrading to a 500-minute plan (the new minimum on the list I saw), and they said it wouldn’t retro. Guess this is what comes naturally of using my phone as my contact for three different active job searches in one month.

Oh well. It’s worth it this once. And thinking about it, at $5 extra per month, I would have to do this once every eight months to be worth it. And I don’t.


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