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highs and lows

I came off some serious highs for the interviews this afternoon. I think they were affecting my judgment when I called the insane option “realistic” earlier (the insane option being the one where I leave most of my stuff here and pack up stuff and stay with my parents in Rochester...)

So I think I’m settling back into the acceptance phase of the thing... again. Too many shiney things being dangled in front of me just out of reach for me to be able to stay rational about this whole thing.

In some ways, I think it’s good that it’s happening this way, though. I can feel, once I’m there, that I have done everything in my power to explore all the options in Boston, and make a clean start, feeling free and totally unencumbered by regret, or stray thoughts of what might have been; because I’ll know that it wouldn’t have been, no matter what I did. It will be a very liberating feeling, getting on that road with my parents Thursday morning.

Now to go to Minnesota, find the social things I want to do, and enjoy myself while working a shiney new job.

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