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interviews, take 2

They went about as well as I could have possibly expected. I was smooth, I sold myself, and I was competent. I was enthusiastic about the jobs, and explained to each the reasons for liking the sound of the job. I had relevant experience to all the jobs I have interviewed for this week, though I’m not sure how perfect a fit I am for any one of them... That is a little worrisome, but can probably be worked around.

So at this point I could have three separate processes going, two of which would be at the same company, that could end in me getting a job. None of these jobs would be a pure development job, but that isn’t a problem for me at this point. They each would be a wonderful way to spend my days. I don’t really have a clue what any of these jobs would pay, but chances are it would be at least as much as my unemployment. Said unemployment is due to run out on May 31.

I could tell Ciber, sorry, I have something else here, and I need to back out. At this point, I’m afraid that would be burning a bridge. I as much as told him he could depend on me starting April 21, and... well... that’s what I want to stick with at this point.

On the other hand, though, I could go, try it out for a month or two, and keep moving forward with the hiring processes at these places. I could leave the majority of my stuff in storage back here, especially the big stuff, and live with my parents, continuing to pay rent in Boston. When something comes through back here, I could just ... move back in... I’m not sure how long term Ciber expects me to be. I was expecting to be there at least 18 months. This may be a good plan to go with. Except living with parents in Rochester seems likely to stunt my social life, and possibly my sanity. But it is the least risky course of action, at this point, and least rude way to keep my options open with local companies.

I may just close down the process with local companies, come Wednesday, and go out to Rochester with everything in a big ol’ truck. Clean break, good separation, and full concentration on the task at hand. A couple years down the line, I can talk to InterSystems again; they’ll still be around.

So. That enumerates my two realistic options, I believe. The second is much better for my peace of mind, while the first keeps my options open. Where do I want to be in six months?

Oops. Just realized that I forgot to mention that I’m a mere application form away from a teaching license for high school math. That would have been good for the MIT job, while talking about my motivatation to apply to a job in Open CourseWare.

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