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a most excellent day

Woke up. Had cereal. Did dishes. Folded laundry. Made list of things to do. Did some. Got Joe to get hangers and return library books, without having to lift a finger. Ate bologna for lunch.

Meg came over. She helped me organize things yet again; this time it was packing. Start at the basement, she said, and we can get a good milestone done. She was so right. Three hours of work, and everything in the basement that is mine is packed and ready to go...

Then off to Ethiopian dinner with coffeekitty, feylike, forgotten_aria, and B. Except for losing coffeekitty because I was lame in letting her know what was going on when, it was a really great meal. Then over to forgotten_aria’s, where I saw Taiko. Neat, cute, and more Japanese than the Konami stuff. Then B nudged me into going to Contra Dancing. Which was way cool. I could easily see doing that weekly, if I were going to be staying here.

It’s not that I didn’t expect it to be cool, I just ... didn’t want a new addiction? I dunno. But anyway, I’ll be needing some kind of hook into social things in Minnesota; with any luck there will be Contra Dancing there.

Afterwards, hung out with some people, including another ex-coworker of mine, saw mycroft and awfief, and had some ribs. Now I’m at home, the boxes are off my bed, and I’m ready to sleep.

All is good.

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