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It's been pointed out to me that "Iraqi light bulb joke" is probably a little over the top. Some of the coolest people I know around here are from Minnesota, and I need to stop and remember that. I was mostly just freaking out, and remembering that:

a) Rochester is probably the most conservative town in Minnesota, and
b) I'll probably be working with people generally older than me. Though thinking about it more, that assumption is probably extremely faulty.

Anyway, morning has come, and, as usual, with it comes a little calm. People did a very good job reminding me of some important considerations for this move, the realities that make it... a good adventure. They reminded me that I still have a safety net.

I know that I'm a lot better about keeping an apartment than I was just coming out of college. I know that I'm a lot better about ... a lot of things ... than I was then. This will be a chance to put all of that to the test. This "starting over" thing... it's like the big midterm exam in the class of life. It could be neat. And if I think about it as a test, maybe that'll help me ace it. *grin*

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