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Racking my brain

I only have had four crushes that have been song-level crushes, as near as I can tell. Two of them are still very good friends of mine, one is barely keeping in touch, and one has fallen completely out of my life. Huh. I have never managed to date a girl I've had a song-level crush on before... Unless there's a song I can't think of that I associate with B... And I suppose... Hmm...

"I Don't Want to Fall In Love," Groovelily

should probably be on that list. Hmm, and now that I think of it,

"Gentle Arms of Eden," Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

These are more tenuous connections, but they are there. Hm, replace that last one with "Down to the Hollow," Trina Hamlin. Much stronger connection to that person now that I think of it. So, six song-level crushes in my lifetime. Not enough for a still-unattached thirty-year old, I don't think.

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