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State of the crs [job search]

My LJ has been erratic, to say the least, lately. Not sure why. I think for a while LJ was how I punted at work. Or else things were dramatic enough in my life that I needed to write them out, and LJ was how that was manifested... That seems a more charitable way of looking at the time I put into writing the journal at a time when I probably could have been putting more time into other things that needed the attention, such as the relationship or my job.

Well, I’ve got neither of those weighing me down lately, and I’m finding that “weighing me down” is definitely an unfair term to apply to either a job or a relationship. In some ways, they’re both work, but both uplifting, on a mental level that goes beyond mood. Self-worth.

But it seems to me that the last week or so has been really good, at least on the job hunt front. I have a very, very hot lead back in my Minnesota hometown; basically my dad ran into a friend of his who was looking, told me about it, and I sent him my resume Friday. Some phone tag later, it’s Monday night and I take a C++ aptitude test online... Expecting to hear back within a couple of days, I instead hear back 20 minutes later. “Talk to our project manager for a bit.” I do, and it all sounds very, very promising. I guess I did well on the test; it felt difficult but doable. Lots of obscure corner case questions about C++, it was kinda neatly written.

In other news, I applied for an Open CourseWare position at MIT, and have hopes of hearing good news from that at some point. Then I wouldn’t have to move to Minnesota, and would be working at MIT where I think I could take a class a semester. This isn’t a pure dev position, acting more of the enabler than developer, but that may be what I’m really suited for anyway.

It feels really good to think I could keep on doing development after all, though it feels kinda bad to be leaving behind the teaching possibility... But I guess that will always be there, waiting, right? Right? Hmm.

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