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Weekend at ConnCon

That was a lot of fun. Right up until I pushed myself a little too hard, stayed up a little too late, and we got half our party killed by a troll. We had just finished playing the coolest module ever, The Will of the People, in a slot judged by the author (the only time he expects to judge it, he said), where we had successfully gone around gathering tons of back info about this guy's game universe. I was on a high that kept me playing well past midnight on the Saturday night of the con, when I had gotten only four hours of sleep the previous night.

I failed a Tumble check (rolling a 3, for a total of 10, against a DC 15) to move past the troll without provoking an attack of opportunity... It got a critical hit against me, doing 29 points of damage... to my level 3 rogue with 17 hit points max. So, *poof*, instadeath. Ow. This was after we flailed ineffectually against a seven-headed hydra, barely escaping it to go around its island. We probably should have just left after that. *sigh*

Anyway, time to create a new character. Living Greyhawk is pretty cool; there's real, like, consequences in this thing.

Friday, 3pm, get phone call convincing me to go to the con
Friday night, midnight-4am, Royal Rescue (Living Greyhawk).
Saturday, 8am-noon, some kind of Amber campaign thing. Odd.
1-5pm, Pemlo's Lambic (Living Greyhawk).
7-11pm, The Will of the People (the best Living Greyhawk module ever).
11:30pm-3:30am, Hunt in the Hool (Living Greyhawk) - death
7am, wake up, go back to sleep, punting the Bissel Interactive LG event
1pm, go to the mall, enjoy the afternoon
3pm, drive home.

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