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"one more thing..."

Apple has been turning up the heat on their homepage. "Macworld SF - Beyond the Rumors Sites. Way Beyond", and "It's like a backstage pass to the future." The rumor sites are going nuts. iWalk, the next generation Newton that runs OS X (unlikely), flat-panel iMacs (likely, but not *that* impressive), merger with Palm and Be, big deal with Sony, who knows what? But I'm looking forward to finding out what, exactly, Steve is going to unveil Monday morning at the weirdly-rescheduled keynote address.

Not that I'd like time to fast-forward or anything. Time can go as slowly as it likes; I have a lot of work to finish here. I checked my schedule this afternoon vs. what I've actually gotten done, and after taking into account a week of work on something I figured out was needed only after I made the schedule, I'm currently on December 18th's work. But a lot of the work has been on abstractions needed throughout the whole project, and I really do feel that things will be accelerating now that I've gotten some hard questions figured out. Plus, I'm more rested than I would be had I actually come in every day during the holiday season, as I had originally planned to do.

Pressure's on, but I'm trying not to let it get to me unduly; no sense in getting worked up and becoming *completely* unproductive.

Sidenote. I really wish in Logjam the home and end keys went to the beginning of the line, not the paragraph. I've gotten stymied by that a bunch just now, and I actually lost a paragraph when I really meant to only delete the bit from the cursor to the beginning of the line. Just a little nit to pick. I sometimes fancy myself a UI guy, even though I haven't worked on UIs professionally in a while.

Wow. LJ can be a big distraction, can't it? *grin* Ok, back to work.

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