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networking in Minnesota

[trying that thing that some columnists and cartoonists do, boldfacing key words to give some shape to the passage... Edit: boldface cut back drastically]

So talking to friends about job prospects out here really has started to turn up a couple of possibilities.

Last night after dinner I was talking to one of my friends, and she remembered that one of our teachers from the ol’ high school days is working at a school in Minneapolis. Next thing I know, she’s dialing the phone. “Lois? I’ve got [crs] here, and he is thinking of becoming a teacher. ... Yeah, I think he’d be great too!” (at this point, I wonder if she really remembers me after all these years; it’d be a bit of a Herculean effort to do so, I suspect.)

But anyway, next thing I know, she’s telling me about the benefits of working in her district... “Are you recruiting me?” I say, and she says yeah... So if there’s an opening there (and it sounds like it’s likely in any school system in the country today that there’ll be some openings), I may have a very good chance. And it really does sound like a great place. With the teaching track, now, it’s all about surviving ‘til September.

The other possibility is a pretty indirect shot, but it’s apparently a computer job in Minneapolis. That wouldn’t suck, either.

I am working out a strategy that would involve a storage facility in Minneapolis and my parents’ upstairs bedroom... The most tricky bit here would probably be finding someone to take over my lease in the Brookline place. I’d miss Boston, but... in some ways a move would do me a lot of good.

I really would miss so much about Boston, though. Do I really want to do that? Can I bring myself to move? I guess I can... I may have to.

I’ve also applied to a private school in Boston; if that works out, I just need to stretch out my finances to last ‘til September. Maybe pick up a little bit of work here and there in the meantime. Or substitute teaching, once I have my provisional license! That could work.

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