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I drove an hour and a half to Minneapolis this afternoon and got some good thinking done on the way. I really need to take more roadtrips; this must be what Walkabouts are all about or something. Lack of distraction, and the need to keep your physical self doing something, constrained, really lets your mind wander more than otherwise possible. I wonder if exercise would do that once I got to the point where I had to concentrate on breathing. I have to resolve to get some city walking in when I get back. Habitually. Daily. Yeah. Now that I’ve gotten the stupid gym membership cancelled (only stupid because I never went, and kept paying ‘to put pressure on myself to go’), I have to start thinking about alternatives. And I am gonna make it happen. I’m feeling too alive to waste myself now.

So here I am, writing an entry. Hopefully that’ll satisfy Scott, my host here in Minneapolis.

Hm, my dad really liked Firefly. Scott was only kinda happy with it. Maybe a throwing a second episode at Scott will help. I’m thinkin’... “Our Mrs. Reynolds.” Hmm, I still need to make a Capt. Reynolds icon.

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