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Good couple of days... Caught up with a bunch of friends before skipping town.

A good lunch Friday, then off to Good Times Emporium with forgotten_aria... Then home to start getting ready to go. Saturday, got up damn early for the MTEL tests; I’m sure I did well on Literacy/Communications, and I definitely aced the Math 5-12. Need to find out exactly what that gets me. It may make it possible for me to try for a public school teaching job in September... Then the question is, how do I make it ‘til then? And what if the DI job comes through and I like it a lot? Well, the option is there, to serve the greater good.

Anyway, afterwards there was a nice dinner with friends, and games... A nice relaxing time, lasted ‘til late. The bean farming card game thing is still fun.

Morning came, got breakfast with another friend, and then ride to the airport from yet another. Overall, in the last three days in town, I saw four friends individually, and had a nice little evening with nine others. Good fix to get me ready for a week and a half out of town.

And now I’m here in Minnesota, and I’ve had some very delicious pizza already... and I’m watching X-Men with my parents, and already starting to get bored, even with a little online jobsearching going on... Guess I’ll see how these couple weeks go.

Whatever. I’ll have some fun, some relaxation, and some thinking time. I’ll see.


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Feb. 23rd, 2003 08:02 pm (UTC)
I think if the DI job comes through you should take it. I think, given how things are going, you should take any job that seems like it might be a good fit.

That's just my pessimist opinion.
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